Come play, learn, and grow with us!
¡Bienvenido, ven a jugar, aprende y crece con nosotros!

“Play is the highest form of research.” -Albert Einstein


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that all children are prepared for success linguistically, academically, and physically. With daily immersion into the Spanish language through play and socialization, we are on the right track to guaranteeing our children are well prepared for success in bilingualism.

Our Purpose

Philosophy: Our purpose is to provide the highest quality of childcare possible, by creating a supportive and enriching environment based on the interest of the child. We believe that each child learns best through, whether it be language, motor skills, or academics. Through self-guided curriculum, children are given a share in control of their learning.

Admission / Tuition

Our highly qualified staff become collaborators and co-learners, as we plan and fully engage in all activities based on the child’s interest. We value ourselves on respecting and appreciating each individual child and their uniqueness.

Academy of Play